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For several months now ive been playing with my first Android phone ( ZTE Blade ) and it soon became apparent that the screen size was just a bit too small ( 3.5 inch ) for my poor old eyes, even with my Gucci framed bi focal bottled end glasses , As for Android its self , I'm just staggered at what can be done . The ZTE Blade ive re flashed with a custom ROM ( CyanogenMod 7.1.0 ) and its Android 2.3.4 .  So now I'm on the hunt for a new larger screen Android phone, I was thinking about the Samsung Galaxy S2 , but then I saw this is soon to be released ...  The Samsung Galaxy Note

                                                     <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfGO5QhWO1w" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfGO5QhWO1w</a>

   Any one else here using an Android phone  ;D



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I'm in the market for a new phone so would be interested to hear about the benefits of Android phones. I believe lozz has one too. So are they they a good buy?
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I'm in the market for a new phone so would be interested to hear about the benefits of Android phones. I believe lozz has one too. So are they they a good buy?

I'm a newcomer to Android phones, so can't really give you an experts point of view, but as a recent user I can say that Android is a great platform with so many free useful apps available via the Android Market ( https://market.android.com/ ) There are nearly 150,000 applications for the android phone in the android market , not forgetting GPS , Games .The  other thing I like is the ability to brows the internet , have multi desktops , and the user-configuration allows you to set up the phone exactly how you want it. Currently I have around 20 apps running on my phone , these are the first 10 

1. GPS , which I use in my vehicle

2.  Phone locator ( tells me where the phone is if lost or stolen )

3. Instant Heart Rate ( place my finger on the phones camera lens and I get my heart rate on screen ) 
4. Camera WiFi Live stream ( I leave my phone at home connected to my wifi network and then when out I can access the phone
    on any computer and see whats going on in my house )

5.Thai - English and English - Thai dictionary.

6. 3D Panorama ( so I can take panorama shots with the phones camera )

7 GO Weather ( local weather reports )

8. Wi-Fi analyzer  (  shows all the wifi spots within range of the phone )

9 EasyTether ( wireless hotspot )

10.Smart Measure (a range finder that measures the Distance and the Height of an object

If you spot an Android phone you are interested in Please let me know  ;D



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I have been extremely impressed with my Android phone by LG its of the Optimus range and is really easy to use and I've just started to realise the benefit of downloading apps from the market. I am honestly thinking that I might sell it (Dragonfly, are you listening?...) and buy a galaxy Tab as they are really unpopular but I think the bigger screen might suit me better too. I'm not sure as I love the pocket-portability of the LG and the high cap. screen that is very sensitive but reliable. If I sold my net book too, I think I would be ready to buy a tab with phone and a plugh in key board. So many options. I saw Imobile have a product out for 9k. if that is android driven and not full of cack inside, it might be viable for some users too.

I wish LG had a "Tab"/"Ipad" product. I think I would be interested, as LG seem to be reliable as well as innovative. Oh look, the LG Optimus Pad!!
There you go then! And I understand LG have been making Screens for the Ipad 2 as well...  :-\

As for Android. Its just great. I am glad I gave it a chance. I wouldn't look back now.


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lozz , ive never owned a LG phone , but constantly hear good things about them , This Samsung tablet with it  Super AMOLED Plus Display , is one I'm going to look out for .

I'm on the look out for a new Android phone and one of the things it will need to have is connectivity to all the Thai carriers 3G frequencies , it may not currently be a usable option , but for a bit of future proofing , its some thing I am definitely looking for .



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they have HTC wildfire Red in the mall department store for 4900b reduced from 7900b!!

Get em while they are hot!

They are running Android 2.1 but you can easily upgrade to 2.2 and maybe even 2.3.

Good luck shoppers!