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As I see my average 17p per share investment in Scancell at 5.6p, here's what we have in this Company now.

Stolen from my colleagues Crumbs and Ray Pointer, in the LSE chatroom, here's a list - bearing in mind that when the SCIB1 melanoma vaccine was still in Phase 2 trial, on the morning that the 'serendipitous' discovery of Moditope was announced, the price soared to 60 pence or more inside a few hours :-

''I know it's been done before but a comparison of the MCAP at its peak some time after Moditope was announced

GBP 100 million post Moditope announcement with :-

No SCIB1 trial results
Moditope announced . . . . . . . .


Now GBP 23 million with :-

SCIB1 outstanding results
Patents complete
SCIB1 combo trial starts soon (we hope)
SCIB2 combo trial funded by CRUK (probably starting next year)
Glioblastoma vaccine collaboration

Patents almost complete for citrullinated targets
Modi trial starts soon (we hope)
Addition of amplivant to Moditope
Modi2 may now be in development
Collaboration with Biontech for 2 targets on TCR going well
Appointment of TCR specialist scientist
Collaboration with Karolinska

Patent process underway

Scientific endorsements
Peer review of SCIB1 trial
SCIB1 combo trial managed by Keith Flaherty
CRUK funding of SCIB2 combo trial
Project blueprint team members
BionTech collaboration
Karolinska collaboration
Lindy winning Waldenström award

And finally, (Prof.) Lindy is asking the question :-

http://www.portlandpresspublishing.com/sites/default/files/biochemist/Biochemist%20Immunology%20issue/BioFEB19Web_Choudhury%29.pdf  ''

Plenty of news to come. Meantime . . . as my old Pal Spargo says in Cornwall, ''can't help poverty Boy".

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