Nico Rosberg retires !!!

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Hard to believe but Nico Rosberg has just retired from formula 1.!!!
No doubt he accepts he only won because of mechanical failure and he doesn't want to get shown up next season.

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Well he is a Family Man and I think we should respect his decision.
More to life than money.
Perhaps he doesn't want to outdo his Dad.
Good Job Nico and Good Life too.
HL thanks for the News. Amazing I agree.
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I wonder what the odds were on that!
So who is going to take his seat? Does Ocon have a get out clause in his contract in case Mercedes come in for him? Werhlein hasn't been confirmed anywhere yet for next season, does anyone want him? Or will we see Mercedes try and poach someone else. Personally, I'd like to see Button back at Brackley.
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