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Author Topic: Local life  (Read 766 times)

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Re: Local life
« Reply #20 on: December 23, 2018, 09:21:20 PM »

Another trip to Ban Pang in Lamphun region, (800km from Chan).

5 days with 4 long walks up into the lower mountains . . but never seeing any wildlife at all, except Peacocks that is.

For you Guys who live in the 'sticks' - a plus point. Sitting at one of the 'Shops' to sup a beer, the Locals are usually friendly. At Ban Pang we would get invited to new house parties and weddings etc - it's very different from where we live now. Chantaburi is friendly but everyone has their own life and circles. I miss that about living in the 'sticks'. Even when we lived at Korat resort, we were invited to events at adjoining 'Saudio' frequently - all starting with a quiet beer.

As we set off on return, we dropped in at THE local shop to see 'Lungchan' who's about 86 - he had been asleep the previous night at 7pm. I sat down next him and he's getting frail now. He put his arm around my back and there were tears in his eyes - my Missis said he might think he'll not be around next time we visit. 'Pa Pet' his wife then put the string around our wrists before we went. I know it sounds soppy - but IMO, the further away you get from a City, the 'nicer' the people are . . .

Winding up to the annual smog problems around Chiang Rai / Chiang Mai regions, the 'Lam Yai' farmers were trimming their trees and burning the green leaves and branches - big smoke as you look out over the valleys. It's a major problem up there - it's really dry in Jan/Feb and bushfires add to the pollution and the landscape blackens in places.

Nice to return to that peace and quiet for a short while  ;)

Roger , great report . I had to look up  Ban Pang in Lamphun region  :)

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