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Another row over sport. This time "sexism".

"A video clip promoting a women's football international fixture has kicked off a row on Ukrainian social media over its sexualised content.

The clip shows a close-up of the face of a gently moaning woman, in apparent sexual pleasure, before leaping to the Ukrainian women's football squad shouting "we're not faking it!" at the camera.

It was shown on the Futbol-1/2 TV sports channels to promote coverage of the FIFA Women's World Cup qualifier between Ukraine and Croatia."

Some have said it is sexist. You can make up your own mind by watched the short vide clip on this Facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/raguli/videos/1843405232341439

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Who really cares? Certainly not the footy players! Why can't it just be a bit of fun?

Too many self appointed censors are making the World a very boring place. Driving me nuts,