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Anyone looking to buy a new camera or lens at low prices, check out this website: https://www.digital2home.com. The website is very comprehensive though a little slow to load initially but it is worth the wait. It has a wide range of products at excellent prices. You can order online or go to one of their shops.

There is a Digital2Home branch in the Mall in Korat on the third floor. It is quite a small shop with a limited range but they may be able to order what you want. The shop prices are the same as on their website. You can save thousands of baht on a camera. For example, a camera on sale in another camera shop 20 metres away in the Mall - 49,990 baht. In Digital2home the same camera is on sale at 34,900 baht. And they will knock off a few hundred baht more if you pay cash. That's a huge saving and it's not just that single model. All cameras are 20 to 30% cheaper than other camera stores. They have competitively priced lenses and sell other camera related equipment too. If you're looking to buy a new camera or equipment, check it out. It could save you a lot of money.

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