Cycling races - “Tour de Farm 6” at Farm Chokchai

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Farm Chokchai Outdoor Sport will host a cycling event, “Tour de Farm 6”, at Farm Chokchai Farm 3 in Nakhon Ratchasima on Sunday (January 21).

There’ll be a 63-kilometre “Going Greener” race and a 113-km “Fearless Gentlemen” race, together open to no more than 2,200 riders. The Tour de Farm is designed to raise awareness about sports and eco-tourism in the province’s Pak Chong district, making it a destination for recreational and adventure tourism.

The organisers will also donate Bt100,000 to the Foundation for Khao Yai National Park Protection. Participants will be able to help local communities by buying farm-fresh produce, organic fruit and vegetables at a mini-fair, getting a massage and herbal compress, and taking an ecotourism tour.


More details here: http://farmchokchaisport.com/home?selang=EN
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