Take care with the chilli !

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I did know a Thai Lady who was so fond of chilli that when she turned red with beads of sweat forming, she was happy. I love a bit of chilli myself, but my Missis always asks for 'nit noi' in my food when we eat out.

Take care :-

''A man who took part in a chilli pepper eating contest ended up with more than he bargained for when he took on the hottest pepper in the world. After eating a Carolina Reaper pepper, the 34-year-old started dry heaving before developing a pain in his neck that turned into a series of thunderclap headaches: sudden and severe episodes of excruciating pain that peak within a minute.''


Here's a nice catalogue of the powerful spices, the 'Carolina Reaper' at 1.569 million 'Scoville heat units' is 500 times more powerful than Tabasco and the puny 'Seven Pot Habanero' at 1.1 million Sch, so called because each pod can fire 7 family sized pots of stew . . . .

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