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Anyone here use Flickr?    It has been bought by SmugMug.

SmugMug is a paid photo sharing website and image sharing website but SmugMug says it intends for Flickr to “continue to operate separately, just as it has been”. SmugMug said no changes would be made to Flickr’s current plans or rates: “Flickr’s free accounts are foundational to its community of influential and engaged photographers.”

I will speculate that sooner or later Fickr's free accounts will cease to exist but I don't use Flickr so it won't cost me anything. However, there are some great image and photo collections on Flickr so I hope they all stay up and remain accessible.

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Anyone here use Flickr?    It has been bought by SmugMug.

I have a Flickr account Alfie, but I don't use it. Instagram has replaced it for me and I have considered closing the account.

I have my photos (and everything else) stored in a Dropbox account to ensure I can retrieve everything if the worst happens (including scans of important documents). I also have a paid subscription to Lightroom which is roughly £11/month but comes with access to Lightroom CC, Camera Raw, Photoshop etc. and masses of storage. I find I am using it more and more and it is how I have been resizing and exporting the photos I post here as the quality (even when reduced) is better that the Instagram option.

I am going to look at the Stock Photography options also: there are people who make a reasonable income from having large stock libraries, and often the most mundane images sell well.