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Author Topic: Death toll rises in search for shipwrecked Phuket tourists  (Read 183 times)

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credit: Bangkok Post.

What a terrible series of events, and a sad day for tourism. Boat safety (loading, training etc.) is generally taken very seriously because events happen very quickly at sea, and people are usually completely unprepared for the effects of seawater (cold etc.). The references to 'capsize' suggest the boats were overloaded, or not seaworthy.

Ratsima, and thoughts? You're on boats often, but they cater for experienced divers who would spot a rogue captain very quickly. It is the ease with which these boats appeared to capsize that is concerning.

Edit: in reference to the above, I just looked at the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster. See: In a matter of seconds, the ship began to list 30 degrees to port. The ship briefly righted herself before listing to port once more, this time capsizing. The entire event took place within 90 seconds.



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Re: Death toll rises in search for shipwrecked Phuket tourists
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2018, 09:49:54 PM »

A horrible tragedy, for sure.

I find that boating safety varies widely from boat to boat. Earlier this year I was on a Thai-owned dive boat on which every diver was given a GPS beacon which could be used to locate any lost divers. I've also been on boats where absolutely no safety briefing has been given.

Based on the photos I've seen, the big boat in this incident was a modern, steel hulled craft. No reason it would have listed like that unless the design was really horrible.
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