How can I place a quirky bet online ??

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Hi. I have long been convinced that Prof. Lindy Durrant of Scancell will win a Nobel Prize before too long, for Scancell's cancer vaccines. If trials go well for Scancell in the next 12 months, Allison's science will be surpassed. Fingers crossed.

Does anyone know how I might be able to place a bet on this ?

BTW, Scancell have active cooperations with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden who award the prize.
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Does anyone know how I might be able to place a bet on this ?

That bet might be hard to find online. But you could always contact one of the bookies on the net and ask them for odds on the bet. It's probably better to open an account first. Your address here in Thailand could be a problem, but try for example B365. They accept accounts in Thai Baht, so I suppose they accept customers with Thai addresses as well.

Good luck.