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Author Topic: Navy Officer killed by a fish . .  (Read 76 times)

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Navy Officer killed by a fish . .
« on: December 16, 2018, 04:41:00 AM »

A Thai Navy Officer killed when he encountered a 'barred long tom' :-

''The barred long tom is found off the coast of Trat province and in the vicinity of the Gulf of Thailand between December and February, she said. It is known for its fast speed, reaching up to 90kph ( :o ), and its ability to jump as high as one metre. When fully developed, it can reach a size of 120 centimetres in length.''


About 6 weeks ago I was fishing from a small island 2 km off Laem Sing beach with Steve (of Steve's Bar). We fished for 4 hours catching nothing worth keeping until late on, Steve caught a 'long tom', almost a metre long and maybe 5 KG.

I double wrapped a towel around it and held with two hands while Steve got the hook out - taking some time and the fish was still when we returned it to the water. Steve grabbed the fish again and for a minute or two pushed it back and forward in the water, until it revived and swam away.

Steve paddles a board out there most days and has often seen this species - says they are not aggressive at all. But very nasty teeth around ! RIP.
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