Getting old and looking after your health

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Hi KC - please believe, I know a bit about this subject.

In the USA there are 2 standards for blood pressure - 140/90 which can be regarded as a 'reference level' and 120/80 as ideal. In Europe, 140/90 was always OK but now the zealots have taken that down to 120/80. Coincidentally - that helps drug sales  ;)

Blood pressure always goes up and down - they recommend you sit down quiet for half an hour and stay quiet before measuring. In Hospital - they just measure it as and when and 'white coat syndrome' is a well known distortion. It's also a fact that as we get older, higher blood pressure is quite 'normal'.

KC - those 3 readings are bl**dy perfect - stop worrying.
Jivvy - 154 no problem sometimes - ok as not constantly !
KK - NO worry . . .

BTW it's the diastolic that is much more important - (60-90).

Really Guys - don't worry. Regular steady exercise is important. Avoid salt, sugar and MSG in food at home. Not too much meat particularly processed meat. Peanuts, ginger, garlic OK in excess. Etc Etc . . .
Moderate alcohol of course - I have 2 beers most days.

As for myself, my pipes and pump are broadly ok but I have fibrillation sometimes - after an op in 2013 I'm pretty good now. I've taken myself off Diovan/Valsartan - Doc put me on it 6 months ago but then BP was too LOW. Since then I've recorded am/pm for 6 weeks and have averaged 126/76/70. Point proved. I've recorded 150 only twice in those weeks and had a pulse of 136 for just a couple of minutes - dunno why.

You haven't got a problem YET so it's lifestyle that counts  ;)

Sorry - I'm not a Doc but I have been through the bloody mangle  :-[
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