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Author Topic: This gets right up my nose .  (Read 55 times)

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ken kenobie

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This gets right up my nose .
« on: December 24, 2018, 11:25:31 AM »

There are dozens of things that get me going , my latest pet hate is to do with sales staff at BIG C .

So I enter BIG C and proceed to the white goods / TV / mobile phone / sales area , as I get nearer I can see off in the distance a crowd of sales staff all dressed in the same uniforms and most of them are either staring at their mobile phone or leaning on some thing chatting to another sales assistant. As I approach the gaggle they all seem to wake up and start to robotically say some thing like Can I help you . The can I help you request is not the problem . As I walk by and smile at the robots they all mysteriously start to follow me down the shopping aisle like demented rats following a flute playing pied piper . As I stop to look at some thing on display the robotic rats still chanting their can I help you request start to surround me in a slightly menacing way.

By this time Ive had enough of being stalked and try to outmaneuver the commission seeking bunch by accidentally / on purpose / pushing and bumping into them . As I start to move away , I can feel my speed slowly increasing to a running pace . Taking a glance over my shoulder thankfully by now sales gang has returned to their normal unenthusiastic stance  ;D

Now that sort of thing gets right up my nose  ;D

 How about you , is there any thing in Thailand that gets you going ?

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